About Me

I am a landscape painter living in Kinsale, Co Cork.  I have exhibited throughout Ireland, USA, and Singapore.   Immersed in the beauty of the landscape and seascapes of West Cork where I live, allows me view the vast atmospheric spaces, which evoke the universal adage that nature is so much greater than the individual.  

I use light and colour in my paintings where the challenge is always to capture the essence of my subject and put that emotional connection of home, place and time on to canvas.
My subject matters range from broad sweeping landscapes and seascapes to smaller rural scenes. 

Acrylic and oil are my main mediums.  I use an expressive style allowing the work to find its way – this could include brush, pallet knife, rags, fingers, mark making and happy accidents! Quick sketches are made initially to get a sense of place, then, back in the studio, I will use memory and feeling to achieve an end result.